Sustainable Design

“I am calling for transitional design. This is a design approach that advances social change within a sustainable system. Transitional design frightens and fascinates, bridges and enables. It helps to anticipate a new form of life. The seductive power of design is committed to a new purpose.” Harald Gruendl

The focus of the IDRV’s research activities since 2011 is on the topic of Sustainable Design. The discussion on potential aesthetic strategies for sustainable design was already enriched in 2010 with a contribution to the LeNS Conference in Bangalore, India,  titled “Poetry and Aesthetics of Sustainable Design” and the “Circle 00003 (r=4)” on Sustainable Design in 2011.  As a member of LeNS, the IDRV was selected to launch the associated LeNS network for German-speaking countries. The national exchange on the subject will take place via an Austrian Expert Cluster on Sustainable Design, which is currently being established within the structure of designaustria, but under the supervision of the IDRV with Ulrike Haele as Cluster Manager. As one intended result an exhibition and a toolkit for environmentally and socially sustainable design processes will be compiled.

The IDRV’s current activitites to promote Sustainable Design:

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