Die Angewandte: YouTube Design History

Die Angewandte: YouTube Design History

In the course of Harald Gruendl’s summer term 2010 design history seminar at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the students were asked to edit ca. 10-minute video clips on the modern era. The videos designed by the students tie in thematically to the time period from 1850 to 1930. After a critical evaluation of the material encountered on YouTube, individual investigations, compilations and re-interpretations, independent short statements on the selected objects and phenomena of the period (from Isotype up to the No. 14 chair by Thonet) were produced. The resulting films can be considered new, non-canonical views of the heroic early modern epoch. As innovative, contemporary contributions to the academic discourse, the videos will be made ??freely available for discussion on YouTube.

Watch the results of the students’ works:


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