Circular Design Rules – CDR V 1.0 Product Design

Circular Design Rules – CDR V 1.0 Product Design

IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna,
Harald Gruendl, Ronja Ullrich, Celine Radloff
DE/EN folder, deck of nine cards and one Scorecard
ISBN: 978-3-9503352-7-9

Download (german/english): Circular Design Rules, CDR V 1.0 Product Design

The Circular Design Rules – CDR V 1.0 for product design consist of a deck of 9 cards that feature a rule that is in- dispensable in the design of circular products. A scorecard gives an overview of the circularity potential of products on the basis of CDR. With the goal of closing product and material loops, the tool provides orientation and shows progress along the way.

CDR is a research project in the framework of the New European Bauhaus Initiative, which IDRV and our cooperation partner designaustria endorse as a partner institution. The rules have been selected from a comprehensive collection of design patterns, which could effectively introduce a positive system change.


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