VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2021 <br /> Stadtarbeit:


24. – 26.9.2021, 12 – 19 Uhr
29.9. – 3.10.2021, 12 – 19 Uhr
Cocktail: 1.10.2021, 17 Uhr

As part of “Stadtarbeit” during Vienna Design Week, the IDRV explores how societies form and organize themselves in physical and digital spaces. For this purpose, the participatory project uses a shared Google Docs list under the URL

The document is used to collect local initiatives so that they can be accessed as the collective know-how of the district community.The low-threshold technology, which can also be discussed critically, is also used by social and political protest movements such as the Black Lives Matter Movement. With its help, the knowledge of a wide variety of people can be collected within a short period of time and made accessible to all.

During the Design Week, the current state of the knowledge pool that collects places empowering the resilient community in the 20th district is a starting point for a dialogue between the festival visitors and the residents of Brigittenau.