Sustainable Design EC  – Join us!

Sustainable Design EC – Join us!

The  Experts Cluster Sustainable Design wants to network and bundle all initiatives, actors, resources and available know-how on the subject of sustainable design [1]  in Austria. “Learning by sharing” for an overarching goal: responsible action for environmentally and socially sustainable products (product service systems, graphic products, etc.).

The goals of Sustainable Design EC are:

  • to contribute to the development of the theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable design in Austria (cluster initiator IDRV researches, among other things, scientific methods and tools for designers).
  • to provide an overview of all initiatives and actors in Austria.
  • to find pilot or reference projects on the subject that SustainableDesign EC can use to showcase sustainable design and raise public consciousness.

Cluster Manager: Christina Naegele, IDRV

Every expert who would like to make an active contribution to the subject of sustainable design is welcome!

[1] The term “sustainable design” is an extension of the conventional eco-design concept to include environmental, social and ethical sustainability.