StadtFabrik <br /> INCLUSION Workshop


Wed, 29 Jun 2016, 12–6 p.m.

Access to the occupational realm is the most important factor (besides education) for successful integration of foreigners. In this intercultural workshop, designers, architects, and artisans who recently immigrated to Austria, together with local changemakers and people from the creative fields, will take up the question of how design can contribute to maximizing the refugees’ potential with regard to integration and work.

The aim of this IDRV-moderated workshop is to envision abstract ideas in implementation scenarios; to design solutions WITH the people concerned, not FOR them. In addition, the workshop offers an opportunity for dialog and networking with colleagues working in Vienna’s creative scene for refugees from related fields.

Limited number of participants
To register, please send an email by 15 June 2016 with a brief rationale for why you want to participate to:

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