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Tue, 18 Oct 2016, 6 p.m.
MAK Columned Main Hall

How will we produce goods tomorrow? In front of a backdrop of increasing resource scarcity, future-oriented production emphasizes social and ecological sustainability, whether through new concepts for energy and resource efficiency, fair production conditions, the use of local resources, or the support of corresponding technologies.

This discussion with Fairphone product and innovation manager Miquel Ballester together and proven experts on the topics of circular economy, design strategies, materials, and technologies will address the necessity, opportunities, and limits of sustainable production. Fairphone, one of the most advanced makers of mobile telephones worldwide, has come up with developments from social innovations in the supply chain to a notable step-by-step plan for sustainable mobile telephones.

–     Helmut Antrekowitsch, University of Leoben, Chair of the Department of Nonferrous Metallurgy, Leoben
–     Miquel Ballester, product and innovation manager at Fairphone, Amsterdam
–     Sonja Eser, biologist, circular design expert, Buch am Erlbach
–     Stefan Salhofer, BOKU Vienna, Institute of Waste Management, Vienna
–     Helmut Spudich, spokesman for T-Mobile Austria, Vienna

Moderation: Harald Gründl, design theorist, director of IDRV, designer (EOOS), Vienna

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