VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2018 <br /> IDRV meets Post-Labouratory

IDRV meets Post-Labouratory

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From Labour to Work – IDRV meets Post-Labouratory

For the Vienna Design Week  the IDRV together with the designer Ottonie von Roeder opens a temporary office in order to prototypically abolish labour and to visualize a future withour labour:

What happens when robots, machines and A.I. take your job? What would you teach this technology about your work? Which of our passions will we discover in a future without work? And what is it that you really, really want to do in the future? What does the robot look like, that will replace you in the future?

The rapidly increasing automation of human labour forces us to rethink the value and social organization of work. At the same time, this opens up the potential of a sustainable, cultural change – From Labour to an activity, that we really, really want to do.*


Vienna Design Week program

2 floor / Sophienspital / Apollogasse 19 / 1070 Wien

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29.09., 18h
The Vienna Design Week invites you to an official opening and we´re part of it!
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The project “From Labour to Work – IDRV meets Post-Labouratory”  is supported by the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection.

Illustration: Ottonie von Roeder