IDRV meets Oskar nimmt Platz, 14.05.2018

IDRV meets Oskar nimmt Platz, 14.05.2018

IDRV Street Lecture: #wechange

We kindly invite you to join our Street Lecture:

14.05.2018, 16-17h
1010 Vienna

As a non-profit research institute, we represent an open education approach that stands for making education and knowledge available. Since 2008, we have been promotiong an open access to (scientific) knowledge and want to provide our own content and knowledge for as many people as possible. In recent years, this has mainly happened through the sharing and dissemination of publications and manifestos that have been freely made available through Creative Commons licensing.
In the last years we noticed that in addition to the still existing exclusivity of knowledge content, alternative structures are developing that propagate an opening of education and make information and (design) content accessible to many. Information is freely accessible online, and knowledge can be shared across a variety of platforms. Design as a transformative force finds strategies and forms of expression to make this opening and free accessibility visible and helps to initiate the transition to “Knowledge for all”.

Our IDRV Street Lecture, held in content of this years “Oskar nimmt Platz” organized by the University of Applied Arts Vienna, is about raising awareness of an already initiated change in the context of knowledge acquisition:

 for open education, against institutionalized knowledge
for access to education, against the capitalization of content
for the networking of many, against exclusivity
for collaboration, against competition
for Post-it Design, against Big-Ego Design

Following the Street Lecture, we will issue an alternative certification to all participants and future change makers. As an allusion to the absurdity and exclusivity of traditional academic credentials, the alternative certification is supposed to be legitimacy and justification in the existing education system.

#wechange EDUCATION
#wechange DESIGN
#wechange SYSTEMS

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