Tools for the Design Revolution

Duration of the exhibition: September 29 – November 4, 2012
Opening reception: Friday, September 28, 2012, in the context of the Vienna Design Week
designforum Vienna, Quartier 21 / Museums Quarter

The exhibition at the designforum Vienna takes a look at possible solutions for implementing social, ecological and ethic sustainability into the design process.
What’s the moral impact behind the term sustainability, where does it come from, how has it developed over the centuries? Which design strategies have been developed? How can they be applied in the design process? What are the social, political and economic impacts on evolving a change in our production and consumption of goods? What’s the role of the consumer? What’s his possible contribution to the change in consumerism?

A focal point of the exhibition is on three best practice projects, developed in cooperation with Viennese design offices and manufacturers. Sustainable material versus dematerialization, everyday knowledge and Biomimetics, high tech versus do it yourself concepts. The applied design methods and tools will be displayed.
Another focus is on design learning. It’s not only about getting a short glimpse into the topic, but about an active examination and participation as well as awareness development. Workshops will deal with a basic know-how of the processes of designing and design thinking as holistic design. A critical look at the subject will be the starting point of reflecting one’s own consumer behavior. The exhibiton space itself should become a public passage, where passersby are drawn into. To get people excited but also well informed about the topic of sustainable design and their impact as consumers on the consumer culture.

An exhibition project by IDRV in collaboration with designaustria, supported by ZIT – The Technology Agency of the City of Vienna, KulturKontakt and bmukk.