05.–31. october 2023
Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zmaja od Bosne 5, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first edition of the experimental exhibition format “Coral Reef. Regenerative Design.” initiated by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, takes place at the Historical Museum in Sarajevo. Conceived by the IDRV together with the social enterprise EOOS NEXT as an impulse exhibition, it is the kick-off for a cooperation with the University of Arts Sarajevo. The exhibition deals with “Regenerative Design”, which finds its realization in the principles of nature and thus represents a counter-design to the prevailing production systems of the Global North.

The relationship of design to nature has long been characterized by the adoption of formal and constructive principles. “Circular design” aims to close natural or technical material loops. While fundamental life in nature is built from only six, always locally available building blocks of the periodic table, our high-tech goods require nearly the entire periodic table of elements, including a global supply and production chain that is only competitive with the exploitation of natural resources and labor.

The exhibition “Coral Reef.Regenerative Design.” is conceived as a self-learning format and thus takes up an important principle of natural systems. Emblematic of this is the Great Barrier Reef and its importance as the “rainforest of the seas.” This fragile ecosystem is critical to biodiversity and the livelihoods of approximately one billion people. Following the Open Design project “Crochet Coral Reef” by Christine and Margaret Wertheim (Institute for Figuring), an immersive experiential space is created, which itself takes up regenerative principles in its practical implementation. A space will be created in which content from the fields of regenerative leadership, regenerative design, transition design, complexity science and philosophy up to the food chain in the coral reef will be thematized via projections.