World Meal – DinnerQuest

A project initiated by Harald Gruendl at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2014 with Oliver Kartak and students of the class for graphic design. How to cook in relation to a daily ecologically and socially fair amount of CO2-eq?

A meat, fish or vegan meal, each corresponding to a combined value of 2.7 kg CO2-eq per day. For the vegan lunch, this amounted to 1.2 kg of lentils; the fish dish with vegetables added up to 0.35 kg on the plate and the beef stew with bread 0.07 kg.

World Meal

Based on a workshop where the students cooked three different meals and filled their plates with servings limited to the daily amonunt of 2.7 kg CO2-eq for a lunch the idea of an online educational game rises. In cooperation with Erwin Bauer and Joerg Hofstädter (OVOS) the students developed DinnerQuest.

It’s the games’ aim to rise awareness of the environmental impact of our choice, what we eat. You can fill your plate with vegetables, meat, sidedishes and more. If the environmental impact is not world-friendly you fail. In the gallery you can find all your trials with informations.

What did you eat for lunch? Give it a try!