Coral Reef. Transformative Design/Research Talk

Coral Reef. Transformative Design/Research Talk

May 16th 2023, 7pm
Impact Hub Berlin, Rollbergstraße 28A, 12053 Berlin

“Coral Reef” is an exhibition project by EOOS NEXT and the Institute of Design Research Vienna. The coral reef serves as a metaphor and inspiration for the research on “Regenerative Design”, a design strategy that goes far beyond the concepts of sustainable or circular design. In a fishbowl open to the public, experts from the fields of design, design research and regenerative leadership will discuss the topic, design research and regenerative leadership.

With support of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs and the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin.

The event is intended for designers, students, future-oriented company representatives, but also for people generally interested in design who want to take a look into the future. The topic will be introduced in a comprehensible way, no previous knowledge is required.

Harald Gruendl – IDRV-Institute of Design Research Vienna, Designer, Design Theorist, Curator

Lynn Harles – Design in the Anthropocene / Science Communication / Speculative Designer

Simon Berkler – The Dive – Regenerative Leadership – Transformation Consultant

Christiane Sauer – Professor for Material Design – Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin / Matters of Activity – Principal Investigator