The term refers to the scientific principle of a “demonstrator”—an experimental arrangement on a 1:1 scale. The six City Factory demonstrators presented in the context of the VIENNA BIENNALE  are design projects and design interventions placed directly within the city space to accompany the exhibition. Their associated project presentations are marked with a D in the exhibition. In June (21 – 25.6.2017) and September (15. – 24.9.2017), the demonstrators will be open to the public with their own programs.

City residents can try out and experience the projects in the course of their daily lives, in their immediate surroundings. The demonstrators encourage active participation in the projects and present alternative strategies for the three topics NEW CREATIVE WORK, NEW SOCIAL WORK, and NEW SUSTAINABLE WORK. Open design and open production are crucial strategies for the future, whose applications are demonstrated by the projects.

Across the city, the demonstrators make it possible to experience how design processes could operate in the future, how collective creativity could be leveraged for innovations, which unused resources (spatial, social, material, or energy-related) abound in the city, or how alternative production and consumption would work in in the future.

These are not based on utopian ideas, but rather—starting from what is currently already possible—the protagonist present unexpected interventions and concepts for “New Design.”