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Usage. Where’s the design for that?

Friday, November 21st 2014, 07 pm.
at Impact Hub Vienna, Lindeng. 56, 1070 Vienna

Imagine a future in which we no longer invest our creativity and our knowledge in the proliferation of things, but in optimizing them for use!

With electronic devices, for example, or in the area of mobility, it is often apparent that the greatest environmental impacts over the course of their entire life cycle do not arise in production or disposal, but in the neglected use phase. This is one of the biggest challenges for designers! Relevant improvements in sustainable development can be achieved through the appropriate design of the use phase.

Another important design challenge is the question of why innovative usage scenarios, such as renting or sharing, are still perceived to be inferior. Are persuasive technologies an opportunity to influence our expectations and habits positively in the direction of sustainability?

We want to examine and discuss the potential of “design for use” in order to apply it in a new context and generate motivation toward sustainable lifestyles.

–   Rudolf Greger, service designer; Managing Partner, gp designpartners, Vienna
–   Martina Mara, media psychologist, Ars Electronica FutureLab, Linz
–   Nina Tröger, sociologist; consumer protection/consumer research, Chamber of Labor, Vienna

Moderator: Harald Gründl, design theorist; director, IDRV; designer, EOOS, Vienna.

Discussion within the series “Circle”, hosted by the IDRV.