Circle 00004 (r=4): Revolution. What now?

Wednesday, 31 October 2012, 18:00
Part of the Tools for the Design Revolution exhibition
Designforum Vienna
Museumsplatz 1, at the MQ
1070 Vienna

What are the politics of design?  Can design help to bring about social change?
As part of the Tools for the Design Revolution exhibition, we will discuss a contemporary formulation of revolution and search for answers or possible directions to the question “What now?”

“What now?” implies resistive and subversive practices for an environmentally sound and critical lifestyle. Design is a tool for renegotiating power relations, for democratising knowledge and for shaping an alternative social and economic order.

If we understand design as all available means of actively shaping the world, then it will have the potential to make a lasting contribution to a world based on global solidarity.
Therefore we need to bring together different areas of knowledge and resources to act jointly against normative as well as political-power structures.


Lena Gold, Designer, Vienna
Yana Milev, cultural studies, space and design researcher, Berlin
Gerhard Senft, Economic and Social Historian, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Moderated by Harald Gründl, IDRV

Tools for the Design Revolution (29.09.-04.11.2012), an exhibition of the IDRV in cooperation with designaustria.