The Learning Network on Sustainability (LeNS)

LeNS is a worldwide multipolar network for curricula development on Design for Sustainability lead by Carlo Vezzoli and Fabrizio Ceschin at the Politecnico di Milano. It focuses on promoting a new generation of designers (and design educators) who are capable to effectively contribute to a transition towards an ecologically and socially sustainable society. Therefore, the LeNS partner institutions jointly create an open e-learning package including modular teaching materials, tools for design educators and guidelines for courses on Design for Sustainability that could be freely modified, remixed and reused according to specific didactic needs. LeNS also conducts a series of broader diffusion activities targeting the design community worldwide. One example is the international LeNS conference which was titled “Sustainability in Design: NOW!” in 2010 and took place in Bangalore, India. Martina Mara and Harald Gruendl from the IDRV were invited as speakers and presented a paper on Poetry and Aesthetics of Sustainable Design.

Also in 2010, the Institute of Design Research Vienna was chosen to develop, launch, and host the official associated LeNS web platform for German-speaking countries. Experts and institutions from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland operating in the area of Sustainable Design are invited to become part of the scientific board. Currently, the IDRV is working on the new German LeNS website. We’ll keep you updated about the progress!


LeNS International

LeNS Austria/Germany/Switzerland (under construction)