Circle 00003 (r=4)
Sustainable Design. Strategies for social change!

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Overview of the event:
Circle 00003 (r=4): Sustainable Design. Strategies for social change!
Friday Dec 2nd 2011, 6 pm, Designforum Wien, MQ

Content of the discussion:
The industrialized countries consume so many resources that developing countries will take every chance to achieve a similar level of prosperity. Why do we fail to design reasonable production and consumption patterns that would put a stop to the overexploitation of nature? How can we at least respect the biophysical boundaries of economic activity?

Fifty years ago, there were visions for change, but technologically they couldn’t be realized. Today we have the expertise, but lack the far-sighted design and the political will. A fundamental redefinition of the design of our future living environments must accompany the energy transition. As agents of this transition, can designers positively influence the product and consumer culture in the direction of social and ecological sustainability? At which interfaces must a change in thinking take place?

Panel members:
Georg Guensberg, consultant on environmental issues in strategic communications and politics, Vienna
Sigrid Stagl, environmental economist, Professor at the Institute for Regional and Environmental Economics, University of Economics and Business, Vienna
Ursula Tischner, Director of econcept Cologne, Professor of Design for Sustainability, Savannah College of Art, USA
Moderated by Harald Gruendl, design theorist and chairman of IDRV, designer (EOOS), Vienna.

Circle 00003 (r=4) was kindly supported by the BMUKK.