Circle is an event series successfully launched in 2010 by the IDRV. The goal is to position – theoretically and discursively – the unfortunately still underdeveloped discourse on the development conditions, modes of action and interdisciplinary connections of design in Austria enduringly. The name of the series, Circle 0000x (r=y), refers to the circular design of the discussion, while the numbering indicates the intent to continue. The radius identifies the number of participants, who open up as many viewpoints on the topic as possible, allowing the subject to be encircled. Each Circle focuses on a question relevant to the current research activities of the IDRV and the scientific discourse around design. The conception of the event format also includes a novel mode of live documentation: a video recording, which will be followed up accordingly, ensures that the essential content can also be accessed regardless of location and time. Online documentation generates, focuses and confronts the most important statements of the circle and makes them available perpetually.


View the video & text documentations of former Circles:

Circle 00011 (r=4): Design for Future Consumption?

Circle 00010 (r=4): We are all designers? Participatory Design as role model/model for the future

Circle 00009 (r=4): Usage. Where’s the design for that?

Circle 00008 (r=4): Courage. Why don’t we design what we know?

Circle 00007 (r=4): Wie leben? The art of sustainable living.

Circle extended: Sustainable Design. But how?

Circle 00006 (r=7): Teaching Design in Times of Sustainability.

Circle 00005 (r=4): The aesthetics of sustainable design.

Circle 00004 (r=4): Revolution. What now?

Circle 00003 (r=4): Sustainable Design. Strategies for a social change!

Circle 00002 (r=4): Design science – and what makes it tick!

Circle 00001 (r=5): How does one make a classic?