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CityFactory: Open source catalogue online NOW!

CityFactory: Open source catalogue online NOW!

CityFactory. New Work. New Design
This open source catalogue documents the exhibition “CityFactory. New Work. New Design,” which was shown from 21.06.–01.10.2017 at MAK, the Austrian Museum of Applied Art / Contemporary Art in Vienna, as part of the Vienna Biennale 2017.

The intensive preparatory work for the exhibition involved research of pioneering international projects and writing a large number of relevant texts. In line with the modes of practice highlighted in the exhibition (e.g., cooperative work) and forms of knowledge (including open source), the authors and curators Martina Fineder, Harald Gruendl, and Ulrike Haele (on behalf of IDRV) are making the entire text material available under a CC BY-NC-SA license (attribution – non-commercial – share alike). The image rights are with the respective photographer.

Based on the exhibition graphics by Walking Chair and using their typeface „sack“, an online publication was created in order to provide content immediately.

View the catalogue on Issuu. Or download it here: CityFactory: New Work. New Design.

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