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CityFactory 2018: <br /> #wiegehtveränderung

CityFactory 2018:

Please join us for the presentation of the Notebook for Change, the outcome of this years CityFactory.

Book presentation: Notebook for Change
Tuesday, 27 November 2018, 7 p.m., MAK FORUM

“Would you rather have things right or make the right things?” “Do you look for economic turnover or ecological overturn?”
These and many other questions and stimulating ideas, such as “Take something apart and put it back together!” or “Form an exchange society!” are to be found in the Notebook for Change, that came into being in the framework of this year’s cooperation between the MAK and the Vienna Business Agency that, in cooperation with the IDRV– Institute of Design Research Vienna, has been researching into new tools and strategies to facilitate change. The Notebook’s design and realisation are the work of the Viennese graphic art team LWZ (short for “Linke Wienzeile”—a street in Vienna); the team has also prepared further delights for the book users via the ARTIVIVE app.

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