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WORK IN PROGRESS: Circular Design Rules in Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese

WORK IN PROGRESS: Circular Design Rules in Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese

In cooperation with Tsinghua University in Beijing, IDRV was able to realise a translation of the Circular Design Rules V 1.0 for product design into Chinese. With the support of the University of Minas Gerais and the Design & Sustainability Research Center at Paraná University in Brazil, another bilingual version of the CDR in Spanish and Portuguese will follow.

Tsinghua University, as well as IDRV and our co-editors from South America, are part of the international Learning Network on Sustainablility (LeNS). The network of 141 universities worldwide aims at the promotion of a new generation of designers and design educators capable to effectively contribute to the transition towards a sustainable society.

All versions (Chinese/English/German) are available for download on our website under CC licence. Print copies of the German/English version are available free of charge from IDRV or designaustria.

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